Special Event Security

SRF provides tweaked security solutions tailor-made to each customer’s particular needs for corporate occasions, company programs, exhibitions, product showcases, concerts etc. Our security solutions are encircled into outward, inward and center security arrangements made to tackle the security weakness and neutralize questionable scene/vehicles, resources and individuals.

The service involves:

  • Plan for worst-case scenarios—extraordinary crimes, violence by protesters, a possible terrorist attack, natural disasters
  • Thoroughly prepared to deal with ordinary crimes and incidents (fights, drunkenness, etc.)
  • Weigh the security measures that conceivably could be taken (e.g., street closures, searches, highly visible tactical units) against the jurisdiction’s desire to produce events that are enjoyable, well attended, and profitable.
  • Ensure that the event continues safely and at the same time respect Constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and assembly.
  • Establish new and effective—but temporary—organizational arrangements, management structures, and methods of communication

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