Residential Security

Security is a mandatory requisite for any residential apartment or society to ensure safe and peaceful life in modern day cities. SRF is keen in ensuring the safety and security of the people and their property.

Residential Security refers to developing a safe and secure environment for the occupants in the residential property. Occupants expect the highest level of security guard services related to Personal Safety, Access Control and Physical Security. Residential Security demands firmness as well as gentleness. That’s the theme which SRF tries to inculcate in security guard training: A Strong Reliable Friend ‘FIRM & GENTLE’.

We adapt security solutions that will help reduce the risk for residences. It includes:

  • Trained guards to ensure perimeter security
  • Inspect and identify entry and exit of individuals
  • Secure car parking
  • Periodic surveillance during day and night
  • Special security/vigilance for senior citizens, single women and differently able
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We go way beyond security to contribute to the stability of our clients