Corporate Security

Corporate security is referred to the practice of protecting a business’ employees, physical properties and information systems, a task carried out by Trained Security Professionals.

In this modern time, security risks have become more complex. Many of the threats, such as terrorism, organized crime and information security, are asymmetric and networked, making them more difficult to manage. As a result, security has a higher profile in the corporate world today than it did five years ago.

Security Personnel play a vital role in all layers of security. The technological systems that are employed to enhance physical security are not as effective as it is expected to be without a security force that is trained in their use and maintenance, and who knows how to properly respond to breaches in security. Security Personnel perform many functions such as patrols and checkpoints, to administer electronic access control, to respond to alarms, and to monitor and analyze videos.

Our Lab is equipped with varied tools, accessories, fire-arms, threats, suspicious items etc. that a security professional might come across in his/her work-line. The lab provides an authentic opportunity for trainees to see concepts in practice.

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Industrial Security

Industrial Security is important as it maintains a preventive measure over all incoming and outgoing goods, assets and other goods from the Industrial unit. Such Industrial Security Professionals need to be trained and have requisite skills to maintain registers, understand basic company procedures and conduct security guard’s duties and responsibilities in order.

The service includes:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Security Access Control
  • Vehicle Patrol and Security Services
  • Ingress and Egress at Distribution
  • Warehousing and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Construction Traffic Control
  • Parking Lot Attendant
  • Front Lobby

We go way beyond security to contribute to the stability of our clients