Crisis Intervention & Loss Prevention

Crisis can occur on a personal or societal level. It can be fire, floods or building collapse etc. At any given situation where such crisis occurs, our well trained Security Officers will be capable of handling the situation. Our security professionals go through Quality On-Site Training that focuses on practical learning. This training methodology plays a key role in crisis handling.

The service involves:

  • Crisis Management Process
  • Emergency Response Plan & Emergency Evacuation process
  • Response plans (fire, disaster, threat, terrorism, environmental incident, etc.)
  • Establish Crisis Management (Operation) Centre
  • Identify all functional areas that need to be planned, create subcommittees to handle those areas, and issue timelines—who will plan what by when.
  • Review subcommittee operational plans to ensure that they are comprehensive, consistent, and realistic, and that contingency plans are in place for each major function.
  • Determine any changes needed in routine policies, practices, or laws (e.g., does the union/contract permit 12-hour shifts to cover a major special event?).
  • Assign responsibility to experienced, qualified assessors
  • Review available information (floor plans, utility layouts, maps, aerial photos, evacuation plans, fire inspection reports, etc.)
  • Interview event planners in the governing jurisdiction and the event promoters
  • Obtain threat intelligence information from internal and external sources
  • Conduct extensive site observations and surveys
  • Develop detailed participant profiles
  • Assess the security plans of key event hotels
  • Examine all forms of transportation that participants will use to travel to the event—airports, trains, buses, subways, etc.
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic movement & Vehicle control
  • Liaison with local civil authorities
  • Executive Protection
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