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Guarding the gates can be done by any one. That's not enough. Security is an extension of the administration and HR functions. Conflicts in IR arena can be avoided if security is proactive. Difference in perceptions can be resolved if the inputs from security are timely and accurate. We have shaped ourselves to fit into this slot to go beyond security.

The clients can benefit a great deal through networking and liaison in Government Departments. Many problems can be solved at minimum cost .Clients have inherent restrictions to act up front. That's where we are better than others.

Our M.D's expertise as a crisis manager for many industries, have earned him friends and access which paves the way for liaison. Our Director, ACP Gachhinkatti, having been in the police department for 31 years, has a strong network grid among the who is who of the government and the society.


We train as per the syllabus prescribed by PASARA. Additionaly we take care to identify challenges peculiar to match industry and educate our personnel to face the challenges with confidance. The industry specific inputs follows.


  • Security is required to implement Management Policies but has very limited legal authority--Gain moral authority through conduct.
  • Security gets wedged between departmental rivalries—know the heads of Departments and stand by the truth.
  • Security has the unpleasant task of enforcing discipline—be impartial and gain respect.
  • Security gets trapped in the local politics—be tactful and Firm.
  • Security gets blamed for lapses of others—give written reports regularly.
  • Duties of Security are often not defined--- insist on SOP and written instructions.
  • Over time duties get extended beyond acceptable limits—build up commitment in team.
  • Security gets dominated by interested staff—be firm and gentle and know the job.
  • Egoistic manager bully—it is a professional hazard, insist on single controlling authority.
  • Contradicting orders—function within rule book.
  • Rush hour control becomes difficult—be alert and have mutual aid schemes.
  • Union leaders become assertive—be impartial and firm
  • Aggressive Workers—avoid confrontation; know the rights of self-defense.
  • Short Circuiting Procedure—learn the job/tasks.
  • Gate control in strike situations—good relation with local authorities and management.
  • Receiving Visitors—know company policy and act courteously.
  • Mustering and impersonation—insist on identity and procedures.
  • Theft and pilferage—implement procedures on lock and key.
  • Rowdy elements—avoid them and be firm.
  • Senior Managers/VIPs—know by face/name and car, extent courtesy.
  • Compound walls and physical security—inspect regularly.
  • Sighting and visibility—regular inspection, reporting in writing and repairing.
  • Fire Fighting—know the location of equipments—know how to use and practice.
  • People do not respect—develop professional pride, maintain appearance, turnout and conduct.
  • Management considers security expense as waste – prove your worth and gain respect. Identify with the management and stand by the legitimate authority.


  • Security is supporting Staff – be helpful to enable production.
  • Highly educated workers – upgrade our technical skills.
  • Sanitized atmosphere – be neat and smart.
  • Highly vulnerable – strict to exit / entry. Build layers of physical security – know location of sensitive work areas and system of protection.
  • Data is asset – know frisking procedure and implement it strictly.
  • Recreational areas / dining areas – be watchful for tress passers.
  • Visitors may Steal – restrict their access to meeting tables – insist on registering identity – do not allow loitering, deposit electronic instruments at designated places as per company policy.
  • VIPs and Cars – be strict with every one irrespective of rank / position. Seek support of top authorities to implement procedures.
  • Over worked Employees in hurry – be courteous.
  • Women Safety – know procedures and implement.
  • Too many Drivers idling – keep them at places earmarked.
  • Often standing duty for long hours – take it as a privilege, salary is better.
  • Reduced Strength for Cost Cutting – do proper survey and convince requirement.
  • Too many VIPs – insist on reporting to single point.


  • High net worth customers have high expectations – pleasant behavior, good turn out and communications skill.
  • Offering comforts to guests is the business – be alert smart and attentive.
  • Guest may expect security to lift luggage – ask for porters and in rare cases, consider guests like own parents and act with respect.
  • Vulnerable to terrorist attacks – check vehicles, under chassis and luggage thoroughly as per policy – study body language be quick to react, rehearse procedures.
  • Traffic Management – perfect the drill of traffic control – co – ordinate with valet drivers.
  • Drivers / Attendants – keep them at assigned places.
  • Room Security – learn the procedures in the given situations.
  • Thieves among the staff – insist on identity and try to learn areas of responsibility of all departments. Be alert and watchful.
  • VIPs in Hotels – co – ordinate with local police.
  • Fire Risk and Evacuation – learn procedures practice with equipments and rehearse.
  • Loss of Stores / Laundry – insist on D.C. for returnable stores and proper accounting.
  • Lady Staff – insist on lady Guards to frisk.


  • Customers are kings – Honor them being strict at entry / exit.
  • To many Customers – be alert and watchful.
  • More chances of theft and pilferage – check all vouchers and packets. Keep bags in the allotted clock room stacks.
  • White collar theft – check in coming stores / waste disposal / surplus disposal / redistribution of stores to stacks / labeling / billing system / cash transfers as per policy / authorized signatures / serial number of bills at random, frisking, and movement of staff.
  • Dead Stock and surplus stock – be in the know and watch out for huge variation.
  • Difficult to identify as per bills – know the items / the accounting system / labeling procedures.
  • Customers get annoyed on checking – not if the security is polite and firm.
  • Security gets blamed for losses – know the systems and insists on procedures. Do not be afraid to report suspects. Get to know the vendors and the procedure for supply / delivery and documentation.
  • Only accumulated losses get to light – insist on periodic stock taking and proper handing / taking over by staff.
  • Many Malls do not have proper procedures – insist on periodic stock taking and proper handing / taking over by staff.
  • Hurry and Negligence – insist on lock, seal and deposit of keys – be responsible for locked and sealed stores and not contents.
  • Security gets misused – know the job and maintain dignity of profession.


  • Children are playful – they are used to respecting authority, display authority in proper uniform and conduct.
  • Children can be mischievous – allow them to be, but watch out for risky games.
  • Children are vulnerable – protect them by being strict and loving.
  • Parents are demanding lot – insist on rules and be firm, yet polite.
  • Everybody in a hurry – be alert and use whistles to park the vehicles in order – funnel into entry points.
  • Susceptible to terrorist attack – do not allow unauthorized entry. Look for suspects – watch out body language and conduct.
  • Admission time rush – Seek help of local police and co – ordinate – be impartial.
  • Girls are vulnerable – segregate as per policy, watch out for Road Romeos.
  • Entry / Exits to hostels – insist on identity of timing.
  • Visitors – have strict gate control.
  • Empty space after working Hours – Prevent infiltrations by anti social elements.
  • Large Compounds can be den of anti social elements – Have coordinated patrolling schedules and irregular pattern.
  • Annual Functions and celebrations – Know the events, location of events, timings, VIPs their arrival and departures and identity trouble makers.
  • Adult students can be notorious – Build up evidence, report impartially and handle tactfully.
  • Petty Politics of Staff in colleges – Identify own Controlling Authority and report to one point control.