LIASIONING and LOVED BY CLIENTS ( See extracts of appreciations)

Sheethal Kumar B.R. started his professional career in the security industry. As a young and enterprising professional he had served as a strong pillar of M/S.Uniq Detective & Security Services Private Limited., with lot of grit, zeal, determination, dedication and commitment.

His achievement speaks of a real fate. It was more than a choice, an option, rather a destiny. The elements of an upcoming catastrophe were there having worked for nearly two decades as a strong pillar of Uniq Detective and Security Services Private Ltd. for the picking age difference, entrepreneurial expertise and approaches, corporate background and business ideas.

With his amiable nature, Investigative and networking ability to resolve IR issues and "Problems beyond Security" he has been retained by many clients as a Consultants (List attached).

After tough battling of thoughts and thorough business analysis friends among clients who appreciated his extraordinary talents a HAND SHAKE sealed the deal. Thus "SRF" (Stability, Reconnaissance and fact based) was born and came into existence in the month of August 2012.

The sacred pact he created was boosted by the support he got and extended to his friends, colleagues and business partners. He took SRF in both of his hands and hearts and treated it as coal under fire with a belief that even its lump will definitely produce most of the diamonds.

The tremendous growth of SRF had proved that his collaboration was more than a perfect combination but was an ultimate league in the making. If someone would ask him today if he has still keeping the same purpose and objectives he had prior to SRF birth, his answer is YES.

The ambition and intention emanate from his burning desire to teach, help and develop the successful business person within everyone in SRF. Further he aspired to make history and that is to lead a company that will make a difference, an impact to the security industry scene. True, there is less significance to keep to himself his learning from his experiences. Rather it is his continuous passion to bring where he deserve to be at the top of the success leader.

SRF milestone of success-rewarding and competitive marketing plans, dynamic and innovative security service research and development, training and excellent customer service and many other are results of pragmatic commitment and dedication of its workforce.

The humble beginning of SRF is rooted from simple dreams and aspirations of Mr.Sheethal Kumar. It was indeed a mere draft, an outline, a business plan. An important question had crossed his mind. "Who really is SRF" and he recalled all the faces he first met the personalities. He first knew the stories he first heard and compared it to the present.

The answers are DIFFERENCE and GROWTH. This made him further realize that SRF has achieved what seemed to be unconquerable and impossible to others. The attachments to this citation are the facts to substantiate his achievements.

He is proud that its stint in the business had earned a wide spectrum of capabilities, professionalism and ethics. He strongly believes that these will serve as SRF guide as it cast through the winds, bum through the skies and soar higher than ever. His core values can be summarized with the word "C H E R I S H"

CREDIBILITY - A Company worth of trust remaining true to its purpose of providing optimum Opportunity to all
HONESTY - A Company that observes and practices fairness and ethics
EQUALITY - A Company that offers and upholds the rights and privileges of those under its sphere without discrimination and prejudice
RESILIENCY - A Company that adapts to the transitions and demands of the modern age, yet Maintaining focus on defined corporation directions and goals
INTEGRITY - A Company that is steadfast to its principles, morals and standards
SINCERITY - A Company that advocates consistency, truthfulness and authenticity
HUMILITY - A Company that accords due reverence and gratitude to the LORD ALMIGHTY it does not destroy nor detest the reputation of fellow institutions.

Mr. B. R. Sheethal Kumar
Managing Director

Dr. Shankar Bidari -IPS DG & IGP (Rtd)

Dr. G. Ramesh IPS DIGP (Rtd)

Mr. P. S. Gachinakatti ACP (Rtd)
Executive Director

Cdr. (Rtd) P. Subramanyam

managing_derector His excellent record of his entrepreneur's skill, sincerity, devotion to duty and loyalty make him an outstanding ENTREPRENEUR who is eminently suited to being awarded THE "YOUNG SECURITY ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR AWARD" AT THE 9TH Security Skills & Leadership Summit 2014.
managing_director His Highness Sri. Shivaraj Patil Governor of Punjab who was kind enough to bless the Young Security Enterpreneur Mr. Sheethal Kumar. B. R for the year 2014-15

He has received umpteen number of appreciation letters from his clients honoring his dedication, devotion, commitment and alertness in protecting valuable human life, properties, information, intelligence gathering, handling crisis and other essential services.

Accredited for the commitment and contribution made towards security agencies in India and was honored with following portfolios:
  • Currently Executive Committee Member of Karnataka Security Services Association, Bangalore.
  • Very Active Member of Central Association of Private Security Industry, New Delhi.
  • President Rotary (Nagarabhavi)
  • Member FKCCI, Bangalore
  • Gesture Charitable Trust President
  • Member of BMA Bangalore.
Our Managing Director Mr. Sheethal Kumar.B.R was awarded as Young Security Entrepreneur of the Year- 2014 at the 9th Security Skills & Leadership Summit – 2014 at PHD House, New Delhi on December 12th,2014 for his Extraordinary Dynamism in Building a very professional Security organization within a span of 2 years.

Mr.Sheethal Kumar is a dedicated and outstanding ENTREPRENEUR in the security industry. He is known for his integrity and professionalism. He has excelled in investigation and detection of complicated cases. He has maintained a very cordial relationship with all the persons he had associated with. He has been a good team leader. He protects the interest of the weaker sections. His men have always had high regard for him.

managing_director This award was handed over to our Managing Director Mr.Sheethal Kumar.B.R by Sri.Haribhai P Chaudhary,MOS, Ministry of Home Affairs.
managing_director Security porfessional of 17 years expert in Investigations, Detective work, Industrial Relations, Networking, Liasioning and Loved by Client